Government of Georgia – Appearance 2020

Giorgi Gakharia: We Will Need Certain Restrictions To Be in Place After the State of Emergency Has Been Lifted in Order To Handle the Virus and, Carefully but Effectively, Make the Economy Work Print Version


Today, we have eight new cases of COVID-19 infection in Georgia and 224 people are being treated in the hospital at the same time. The challenges emerging after the global pandemic are becoming more and more serious, though at the same time it is our obligation to slowly, rationally, and carefully return the country to the normal mode of life.

Unfortunately, no one can say exactly what the post-COVID world will be like, which increases our responsibility to the citizens even further. The obligation to slowly, carefully, effectively, and consciously return to our normal lives in economic, as well as social terms is of extreme importance. For this reason, the government made the decision not to extend the state of emergency and, correspondingly, the curfew as well, though the virus has not gone anywhere. This fight will be with us for a period of time and no one in the world can say how long it will last. Therefore, once the state of emergency has been lifted, the responsibility falling on the government, as well as on every individual citizen, increases even further. The requirement on social distancing, wearing face masks, and other requirements set out by healthcare specialists are of even greater importance. Prime Minister of Georgia Giorgi Gakharia made this statement during the session of the government today.
According to him, certain restrictions will be necessary in the country once the state of emergency has been lifted.

"Today, the world is talking openly about the danger of a second wave of COVID-19 and all of this needs to be taken into account during the decision-making process. We must all understand that certain restrictions will be needed in the country once the state of emergency has been lifted. These are the restrictions that are essential in order for us to handle the virus and, carefully but effectively, make the economy work. Our government's main goal and slogan is to use this challenge, this crisis, as an opportunity, first and foremost, to ensure the economic development of the country, and then to achieve success. We must all understand that global competition will be more severe and in this case, our effectiveness is directly related to how well we follow the rules, which will give us the opportunity to hinder the virus and to manage the risks of its development. Therefore, the legislative framework that we need in order to maintain these restrictions and to make them work more effectively is, of course, intended to work outside the state of emergency. We have appealed to the Parliament with this request; the work is ongoing and we hope that there will be certain restrictions that are essential for the healthcare sector," the prime minister stated.

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