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On Interagency Coordination Council’s decision, mandatory facemask use reintroduced outdoors Print Version



On the Interagency Coordination Council's decision, mandatory facemask use outdoors is reintroduced. This decision, based on the country's epidemiological situation, was made at today's meeting of the council chaired by Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili at the Administration of the Government.

The council pointed out that infection rates are growing in Georgia, as well as globally, mostly due to the wide circulation of the Delta variant. Consequently, citizens must use facemasks both indoors and outdoors as one of the most effective ways, alongside social distancing and vaccination, to prevent the spread of the virus.

The meeting of the Coordination Council underlined a growing trend in the process of immunization-yesterday, for example, 25,083 citizens were vaccinated. Active vaccination is underway in almost 200 facilities throughout the country.

Since municipal transport is suspended until September 3, the state will provide the population with regular transport to main vaccination facilities. On the Prime Minister's instructions, the Task Force under the Interagency Coordination Council has developed a plan for securing special transport to major vaccination centers. In addition, in light of the growing demand, the Coordination Task Force has been instructed to schedule additional routes to vaccination stations.

On eth instructions of the Head of Government, the Health Ministry is launching active work on requesting additional doses of vaccines, including Pfizer.

Public service halls and community centers are about to start issuing COVID cards that will be available in every branch, throughout the country. COVID cards will contain information on full or partial vaccination, and on the latest PCR tests, also featuring unique QR codes and personal data verified and sealed by the Public Service Hall.
COVID card applications are free of charge, and the document will be issued immediately, based on the applicant's ID. Apostille/legalization verification is required for COVID cards to be presented abroad, this service available at public service halls and community centers.

Since the first coronavirus case in Georgia, the country has seen 490,462 confirmed cases, with 429,190 recoveries and 6,438 deaths.

79 persons are presently under quarantine, 3,481 are in clinical hotels, and 6,965 are hospitalized under medical supervision. 831,815 citizens have been vaccinated in all.

The Parliament of Georgia led by Speaker Kakha Kuchava and the President's Administration are actively involved in the work of the Interagency Coordination Council chaired by the Prime Minister.

Press Service of the Government Administration