Prime Minister: Each new election in our country is more transparent and democratic Print Version


I would like to congratulate all of you the crucially important municipal elections held on October 21. I believe it is a great success for our country and yet another important step in the development of Georgian democracy.

Importantly, the elections were held in a peaceful and transparent environment, having been lauded as free and democratic by all international and local observers.

First of all I would like to thank all our supporters; everyone who has contributed to upholding such a high level of elections. I would like to thank representatives of international observation missions, as well as local observers, the NGO sector and media, for excellent coverage.

I believe that everyone saw the difference-indeed, each new election in our country is more transparent and more democratic.

Most importantly, our team carried out a future-oriented electoral campaign based on a concrete platform. Generally, there was much less hate language throughout the elections, which is very important for the further development of our country.

I congratulate all of you, and I am convinced that such a high level of these elections will be duly appreciated by our friends and international partners, and it will be a significant scoring point in the process of Georgia's European and Euro-Atlantic integration.