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Against the background of Zurab Adeishvili's inclusion in the official delegation of Ukraine to the European Union and the Federal Republic of Germany, we wish to express deep concern regarding the attitude demonstrated by the Ukrainian authorities towards the friendly country of Georgia and its people.

For a considerable time, we refrained from taking a stance on the attitude demonstrated by the Ukrainian authorities due to its engagement in the war and its defense against Russian military aggression. However, following Zurab Adeishvili's visit as part of the Ukrainian delegation to Brussels and Berlin, we find it necessary to express our position crystal clear.

Over the past two years, Georgia has consistently expressed its solidarity with the Ukrainian state and its people, condemning Russia's military aggression against our friendly country. Georgia has officially endorsed over 600 decisions made on international platforms in support of Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity, thereby condemning Russia's military actions. Additionally, Georgia has been providing substantial humanitarian aid to the friendly Ukrainian people to this day.

Against this backdrop, several decisions made by the Ukrainian authorities are regrettable and deeply troubling, as they blatantly contradict the traditional friendship established between our two countries and peoples:

- On 1st March 2022, the Ukrainian authorities recalled their extraordinary and plenipotentiary ambassador to Georgia under the perplexing pretext of Georgia's alleged failure to impose sanctions and send volunteer fighters to Ukraine.
- On 3rd July 2023, the Ukrainian authorities, citing false claims on Mikheil Saakashvili's health condition, forced the extraordinary and plenipotentiary ambassador of Georgia to Ukraine to leave the country. It's important to note that the Georgian ambassador was one of the few foreign diplomats who remained in Kyiv since the beginning of the war and did not leave Ukraine even for a day.
- Ukrainian authorities have issued various statements regarding Mikheil Saakashvili, insinuating political motives behind his imprisonment, including the assertion that "Russia was orchestrating the killing of Mikheil Saakashvili through the Georgian authorities."
- High positions are still kept in the Ukrainian authorities by individuals, who are wanted or who are convicted for various charges in Georgia. In this regard, it is particularly alarming that Zurab Adeishvili serves as an Advisor to the General Prosecutor of Ukraine, while Giorgi Lortkipanidze is a Deputy Head of the Counterintelligence Service of Ukraine. Let us remind you that the referred individuals were masterminding the authoritarian regime of the previous rule in Georgia, which sacrificed lives, health and wellbeing of a lot of people in the country. Zurab Adeishvili is convicted of the illegal foreclosure of a wine factory, seizure of TV Company Iberia, kidnapping and inflicting brutal violence against Koba Davitashvili, torture of prisoners, bankruptcy of the Cartu Bank, and he is accused of covering up the raids and seizure of TV Company Imedi, violence demonstrated on 7th November 2007 and murder of Buta Robakidze. Giorgi Lortkipanidze is accused of the violence occurring on 26th May 2011 and of assisting Mikheil Saakashvili in the illegal border-crossing. Irrespective of the fact that the Georgian Prosecution approached the Ukrainian counterparts at numerous occasions with a request of extradition, the Ukrainian authorities failed to demonstrate the due respect towards the state of Georgia and did not hand over the offenders.

The government of Georgia finds itself perplexed by the decisions taken by the Ukrainian authorities, which appear to artificially drive a wedge between two historically friendly nations and peoples.

We express a hope that the Ukrainian authorities will reconsider decisions that grossly conflict with the spirit of friendship between Georgia and Ukraine, as well as between the Georgian and Ukrainian peoples. First and foremost, it is crucial and imperative for the normalization of relations that the Ukrainian authorities extradite the criminals currently holding high positions in their administration to Georgia.

We hold a deep conviction that regardless of the decisions made by politicians, nothing can undermine the profound historical friendship between our countries and peoples.

Press Service of the Government Administration