Government of Georgia – Appearance 2015

On April 14, our country celebrates the Day of the Georgian Language Print Version


What the Georgian people did on April 14, 1978 under the Soviet regime was nothing short of heroic. When the legal status of Georgian as the official language was threatened, the Georgians would not hesitate to stand up to the Soviet repressive machinery, and thousands took to the streets, whose solidarity and uncompromising protest forced the Soviet regime to back down.

That day bore witness to the might of our patriotic spirit and national consciousness. That day proved that the Georgian people will never give up their core values.

The Georgian people have erected a statue of the Georgian language. Today, when the status of our official language is no longer threatened, it is our obligation to cherish and protect its purity to hand it down unblemished to generations to come.

Prime Minister of Georgia
Irakli Garibashvili