Government of Georgia – Appearance 2022

Performance Report of the Prime Minister of Georgia Print Version


"Dear Speaker of the Parliament! Dear Members of Parliament! Dear Members of Government! Mr. Mayor! Let me greet you all and media representatives. I am honored to present our Annual Performance Report, which has been submitted in writing prior to this meeting. I wish to speak in detail about the achievements that our country had in the past year. Naturally, I wish to start with our main achievement, which we all witnessed several days ago. Namely, the European Commission made a historic decision on June 17 by a much desired entry in an official document. I wish to remind everyone again that this entry was indeed a historic decision of the European Commission. First time ever, entry on our European Perspective. The European Commission clearly worded out its recommendation addressed to the European Council in a document for granting a European Perspective to Georgia to eventually let us accede to the European Union. It is a historic decision of the European Commission.

Secondly, what I wish to say is that our expectation was a candidacy status to be granted to Georgia, as Ukraine and Moldova did. It is understandable that we witnessed a different approach. I wish to explain it in detail for our people and honorable MPs.

Our team in the authorities did its best to address the heavy legacy what we witnessed when coming to power: dictatorship, authoritatian regime used to be practiced in real terms, whereby people were slautered, tortured, raped, while businesses and assets were foreclosed, families were smitten. After such a heavy legacy with no sign of democracy and no media freedom in the country, no independent judiciary existed before we came to power and the entire governing scheme and system was operating as a repressive system to suppress and destroy people and their livelihood. This was a legacy we witnessed when coming to power on October 1, 2012. I wish to remind everyone that the judiciary operated as a mere notary service and whatever instructions came from the prosecution the same court rulings would be issued by judges. It was the legacy you left us, honorable ones. As for media freedom, no opposition channel existed in the country back then.

I heard a complaint that we should talk with ordinary people about what we did during the past 10 years. Of course, we will once again remind them and our dear people what we have been doing during these 10 years. However, I wish to remind it to all within a context of EU integration. We need to remind our population and partners - foreign friends - that we truly inherited a most devastated legacy. Of course, we know it well that no sign of democracy existed in the country. No real, strong opposition channel existed in the media landscape of the country, but we hear the same people talking about media freedom. It is great merits to our planned and implemented reforms that any broadcasting company may be incorporated within 10 business days nowadays. With this indicator we are much ahead of others, including some of the EU member states.

Now, I wish to once again remind the results of past 10 years to our dear citizens manifesting in specific ratings: Georgia ranks 1st among the Easten Europe and Central Asia in the Rule of Law Index of the World Judiciary Project (WJP); our country is in Lead 5 of the Middle Income Countries; our country is ahead of the many member states of EU and NATO, as well as post-soviet countries according to the governance indicators of the World Bank, following Baltic countries and ranking 4th; Global Governance Effectiveness Index ranks Georgia 21st among 180 countries, thus being ahead of France, Canada, the Netherlands, Australia, Italy, Portugal and other leading countries; Open Budget Survey ranked Georgia 1st for the first time ever in the world. When our friendly Moldova and Ukraine have public administration reform recommended as priorities for EU access, thereby referring to transparency and a lot of recommendations are indicated thereby, for comparison. With these achievements, when Georgia ranks 1st by open budget and transparency, being ahead of such countries as Germany, France, Sweden, Norway, Italy, UK and others. When I am asked what we did and what the achievements of Georgia are, this is exactly the summary of specific 10 years expressed in ratings. In line with the Economic Freedom of the World - an annual survey published by the Canadian think tank Fraser Institute, our country is among the 5 leading economies of the world with Singapore, Switzerland and similar countries. According to the Index of Economic Freedom released by the Heritage Foundation, we are ranked 18th in Europe, being much ahead of such countries as Belgium, France, Spain, Italy and many other member states of the EU and leading economies of the planet.

As for the fight against corruption, Trace International ranks Georgia among 20 Best Countries of Europe and 30 Best Countries of the World, being the first in a sub-component of Low Risk Degree of Corruption in Dealing with Authorities. According to the Global Corruption Index, Georgia advanced by 9 position points in 2021 and was ranked 41st in the world. Our country is ahead of such member states of the EU and NATO as Slovakia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Albania and Turkey. According to the Transparency International, Georgia is ranked 45th among 180 nations and 1st in the region by the Perception of Corruption. For comparison purposes, let me say that Georgia was ranked 51st by the Crime Index of NUMBEO. In 2022, i.e. this year our country is regarded as one of the safest countries of the world, being ranked 14th in the world. Georgia is ahead of such countries as Czeck Republic, Austria, Finland, Danmark, Lithuania, Latvia, Germany, France and others. In contrast with 2012 and with an advancement in the past 10 years, Georgia ranks 2nd in the world by Global Peace Index in 2022, irrespective of the most severe situation in the region and ongoing occupation. In 2012, as a comparison, let me say that we were in the Bottom 20 by the Global Peace Index and even with no war the system was brutal, offensive and criminal, which implied killing, torturing and raping of people. It is the aim of our government, our team to be ranked in the Top 5 of the world in every key global rating. If we compare Georgian data to those of Moldova and Ukraine, it becomes clear that our European friends know it all well and the entire world knows it well. Ratings that I listed here are known to all. It is measured and assessed by them - European, American, international, global reputable organizations in their ratings.

We know it well that we are an unconditional leader of the so-called Associated Trio. In the Rule of Law Index of the World Justice Project (WJP), Georgia ranks 49th in the world and 1st in the region among 14 countries. I wonder if you know where Ukraine stands. In the global rating it ranks 74th and 7th in the region among 14 countries. We are in first place, my friends. Moldova ranks 73rd in the world and 6th in the region. Here too, Georgia is an unconditional leader in the Rule of Law Index of the World Justice Project (WJP). We are ranked 1st among 14 countries of the region" stated Irakli Garibashvili, Prime Minister of Georgia.

"Let me continue with the Economic Freedom of the World Rating issued by the Fraser Institute. Georgia ranks 5th in the world, while Ukraine - 129th and Moldova - 66th. According to the Index of Economic Freedom issued by the Heritage Foundation, Georgia ranks 26th in the world and 18th in the region, while Ukraine ranks 130th and Moldova - 78th.

As for the risks of corruption and comparison of this index of Georgia with those of Moldova and Ukraine, our country ranks 29th, while Ukraine - 104th. According to the Business Bribery Risk Index, Georgia ranks 29th, while Ukraine - 104th and Moldova - 115th. Global Corruption Index by Transparency International ranks Georgia 41st, Ukraine - 123rd and Moldova - 114th. According to the Corruption Perception Index, Georgia ranks 1st in the region and 45th in the world, while Ukraine - 122nd and Moldova - 105th.

Now, as for the security rating, here as well Georgia ranks 14th in the world, while Ukraine - 81st and Moldova - 84th, dear friends, honorable colleagues and distinguished Europeans.

This is a set of specific results brought by our performance, outcome of our work during these ten years, which was depicted in referred ratings published by the World Bank, Transparency International and others - I will not list them all as you have heard everything.

We all had an expectation and if anyone deserved it from the Associated Trio, not merely by emotions and perceptions, but rather results of performance... I heard from our European friends that their main rationale was merit-based, which we sadly failed to see and it is very saddening for me, for all of us, for each citizen of our country. We also heard assessments of some, claiming that geographic location and geo-political condition was different. We also heard that Ukraine was given the status because it is at war. You remember that two weeks ago I publicly announced at the Executive Government Meeting that I had information from European colleagues. They said it straight that as Ukraine is at war, this factor will be taken into account and with this motivation the country will be given a status. Irrespective of Georgia being an unbeatable leader by all the listed parameters and performing ahead of not only the Associated Trio, but many current member states of the EU and NATO, my friends. I wish to explain to our citizens that war in Ukraine turned out to be the decisive motivator of the status being granted to it.

As for Moldova, you saw that it lags behind Georgia similar to Ukraine by many indicators and parameters. Moldova is regarded to be in a situation, which is equalized to war, as it is a neighbouring state. They have more pressing challenges in terms of economy and security. Moldova will be granted the status by taking into account other political factors. Though, let me stress and explain to our citizens that conditions - recommendations, i.e. priorities - are set to all three countries. They are highlighted in our case. I will not tire you much, but will say that one of the first priorities and recommendations is to end polarisation - it is not reduction that is recommended, but ending it.

I hope European leaders and our media, the entire Georgia, saw what is the degree of desire among our opponents to end the polarization in the country, when they attempted to create such a scandal from the moment of entry. I also wish to say that irrespective of the conditions, which is a regular practice, as the European Commission has used similar approaches to its already member states. We know of a number of cases, including Lithuania and many countries, which were subject to conditions. The only difference is Ukraine and Moldova. They are given the status as an advance or an incentivizing gesture and motivation, bonus in a way. They are told to meet all the conditions afterwards. In our case, it is the other way round: we are told that we are given a European Perspective. Yes, we deserve the European Perspective to become a member state of the EU. The European Commission is also recommending the European Council to eventually grant a status of an EU candidate country with a number of conditions. That is, in our case it is the other way round, which is saddening, of course. I wish to hereby recall and pay tribute to our heroic servicemen, who sacrificed their life to the Euro-Atlantic idea. Back then nobody remembered our geography or different geo-political conditions or situations. We sent a record-high number of soldiers to Iraq, Afghanistan, Kosovo, Central Africa and we were represented everywhere in a dignified manner. General Chachibaia is here. Our 35 heroic servicemen sacrificed their lives to the idea of world peace, fight against international terrorism, integration with NATO, idea of integration with EU. Almost 500 servicemen are heavily wounded and irrespective of all these, Georgia seems to be punished for not waging war today? How shall we interpret this, my friends? They said it straight and publicly. It was said straight that Ukraine is given the status for being at war. I wish to address our citizens and say that we understand it well that this is an emotional decision. Of course, it is saddening and every person, every normal human being supporting the European idea, is saddened at heart. Nevertheless, we should look at this process in a very peaceful manner.

Now, as for the process, as we see and imagine it managed. We expect the final decision to be made and greatly hope that the European Perspective, being a historic entry, will be endorsed and approved by the European Council, by member states of the EU. I also wish to say what I stated at the Executive Government Meeting and repeat it again in front of you: naturally, our government together with you - Parliament - our entire team stands ready and is motivated to continue with every reform that is needed for our country, our people. We have said it many times before. Also, I wish to remind everyone that a major part of reforms was already included in the Association Agenda, which we agreed with Brussels merely 1 month ago. This generated even more questions to me on why it was needed to word it out as conditions and only afterwards grant the status. Of course, it gives rise to a lot of questions, but irrespective of all these, we should demonstrate wisdom, of course. We need peace. Process should be managed calmly and firmly to lead the country to a safe harbor. Main entry, which was publicly announced by Ursula von der Leyen, is that the EU has wide-opened its doors to Georgia. Europe has wide-opened doors to Georgia! This is the most vital achievement.

I wish to remind everyone, including the opponents hereby that the EU Association Agreement was only a process-in-making before 2012. However, it was very prolonged in time. If I am not mistaken, this process started in 2010. Does anyone recall at all why was criticism missing and from any side or why was Georgia not leading, including in the format of the Eastern Partnership and why it got ahead of Ukraine or why was a Draft Association Agreement given to it much earlier, why did they start the process earlier than we did or why did Ukraine start the visa liberalization process earlier than us, if I am not mistaken? We came to power on the grounds of elections held on October 1, 2012. It was a breakthrough that made the entire world see that dictatorship ended in Georgia and people started to breathe freely. They do not like to be reminded of this heavy malpractice, but I will do it. No media freedom existed in the country before October 1. No integrity existed in the judiciary either. There was no sign of it. Day after day country was getting in greater dictatorship and authoritatian regime of one maniac and his criminal team that routinely tortured, suppressed and killed our citizens. Don't you remember the situation back then? How come these people talk about human rights? They have no ethics at all. How do you dare to remind us of human rights?

Second thing that I wish to remind everyone is that the maniac, slaughtering and suppressing system of Saakashvili charged 300 000 people. Three hundred thousand people! We are only 4 million in the country! What was the stance back then? Khatia Dekanoidze was a Rector of the Police Academy. Inmates were tortured, killed and raped with sweeping broom handles and batons at prisons. Situation was devastating! People had no protection whatsoever! Thousands of cases - thousands of cases! - were sent to the Strasbourg Court. Statistics published a few months ago are alarming. Now the litigation in Strasbourg is brought to a minimum. Only 152 cases are considered nowadays, while 5000 - were in those times. You understand well that a suppressed, tortured, humiliated people had no prospect of fair trail and justice. That was the legacy we witnessed when coming to power, dear Europeans! I wish to address the 300 MEPs that supported the draft resolution. Now, these MPs here were the ones who went door-to-door, my fellow citizens. I wish to say with full responsibility that some of the MPs present here were visiting the EU, European Parliament and everywhere to harm the country in a hostile manner. This information was readily shared with me by our European friends. Dear Speaker, it was said that it is a lie, but let me explain that it is not. Every word said by these MPs to our citizens is a lie, while I say the truth in contrast with you.

European People's Party the so-called EPP or can you remind me which is your main supporting party, Khatia? EPP, right? The European People's Party designed their recommendations with the most shameful text. It was a fest of injustice! It was a clear manifestation and evidence of these people wanting not to grant the candidate status to Georgia. Now, let me tell you why. UNM led by Saakashvili did not and does not want the country to get the candidate status. I am telling you this with full responsibility. I am sharing evidence-based information to our citizens.

As for Salome Samadashvili, who is very nervous, as she knows that I will now refer to her. Salome Samadashvili was personally visiting Brussels and begging them not to give the candidate status to Georgia. You now know who the traitor of the country is!

Of course, it is a decision of European leaders. It is their wisdom that manifested in the European Perspective that was recommended for Georgia. It is most welcoming and makes us all happy.

As for the criticism of our opposition at large and their augmented agitation. I wish to refer to the topic of war in Ukraine, as it is one of the main topics related to all, not only to Ukraine, but the entire Europe, world, our region, our country and everyone, our citizens. From the very first days of the war, you may all remember it well that Georgia was one of the first countries to send humanitarian cargo to Ukraine. I personally had a communication with my colleague - Ukrainian Prime Minister. I personally let him know that we sent aid on behalf of the Georgian people and government. Since then, as of now, we gave consent to 260 resolutions. We practically supported every political document. Georgia joined every political, humanitarian and solidarity document - everywhere, be that UN, EU, OSCE and others. Everywhere!

Reference was made to sanctions and reasons were inquired behind Georgia staying away from imposing economic sanctions against Russia. Naturally, it is a legitimate question. People are interested in why we decided not to join the initiative and we explained it in the very first days. Significant part of the Georgian population - about 1 million people - lives in Russia. We remember how disgracefully our citizens were treated in Russia as a result of the unjustified, meaningless policies of the UNM, when they were sent back home in cargo planes and their businesses, houses and assets were foreclosed. They were subject to a horrible experiences and terror. Saying nothing about the war - our war - which I will elaborate on now. Afterwards, you remember how the fuss augmented about the sanctions. We said very simply that we have trade and economic relations with Russia and they are affecting a big part of our citizens. Whether we want it or not, whether we like it or not, it is a reality. Dear friends, take this into account. Huge part of our citizens relied on these trade and economic relations, which was craved to be restored before 2012. Criticism is heard nowadays. What I mean when referring to 2012: after the war, i.e. as soon as the war ended, in several months - well, the war is a tragedy and misfortune at large - what we were subject to and the shame we experienced with the crawling person who happened to be our Commander-in-Chief, fleeing Minister of Defence and escaping MPs, who hit the borders to leave the country. Who was at war? Army and police. Not one, but dozens of names are publicly known. I stayed in Tbilisi. Our army fought heroically in the August War. Here is General Chachibaia. This information is well known to all. It was a topic of many footages that people saw and specific facts are known on who crossed the border of Georgia to escape the war in those days. Russian troops left the country in 2007. Last unit existed in Georgia in 2007. Unjustified, unwarranted steps of Saakasvhili and his rule made the Russian army return to Georgia.

After the war, we remember it well that Georgia, being under their rule and leadership, signed an agreement, which was in essence a capitulant resolution. After the war, their team decided to sell strategic assets to Russian state corporations. Vano Merabishvili would make a public appearance and say that Russian money did not smell. This is a famous phrase, which is remembered by all. It all happened after the August War. Now, why did I tell you all these? I wish to remind them everything, whether they like it or not. They should hear and hear the whole story of their crimes.

We are called upon today and asked why we stayed away from joining the sanctions. They are curious about us staying away from imposing economic sanctions, i.e. they wonder why we decided not to impose sanctions on our own people. Sanctions would actually mean punishing our expatriates living in Russia. By taking these risks into consideration and remembering the harsh experience of the past, I wish to ask a question to dear opponents. What did you do after the war to impose sanctions on Russia? Zero! Nothing! You did nothing! No action was taken to alert the world. We saw nothing! On the contrary, they signed a capitulant resolution and seold strategic assets -dozens or greater number of energy facilities - to Russian state corporations. Afterwards, your team led by Saakashvili, introduced a visa-free regime for Russian citizens. Great sanctions, right?

After the war, no work was done anywhere to mobilise the international community and impose sanctions on Russia. Does anyone recall anything of this sort? Nothing, because they did nothing. On the contrary, you signed a capitulant resolution and sold dozens of strategic energy facilities to them in the months following thereafter. During the presidency of Mikheil Saakashvili and with his decision, you removed the visa requirement from Russian citizens unilaterally. This maniac and clown personally went to the border and welcomed Russian tourists after the war. And now, they are calling upon us to impose sanctions on Russia. It would mean sanctioning our own people, rather than Russia, dear friends. They apparently wanted to launch a second front line here. It was their wish and craving of their colleagues in Ukraine. It was their desire and their friend Arakhamia, along with Security Council Secretary Denilov made public appearances to openly declare it. They literally made a confessional testimony, claiming that a second front-line was desired in Georgia to avoid only Ukrainian women and children dying in war. It was their somewhat confession and after all these, we well remember their demands. They wanted economic sanctions to be imposed on our own people and charter flights to be authorized to Ukraine. Government was supposed to send fighters - contracted volunteers - in a televised broadcast, of course. It is your signature practice, dear opponents. Lastly, let me summarise and say that culmination or climax came with your harmful performance at the EU. Everything was done and succeeded through lobbyists and their main supporter - EPP - European People's Party to mobilise three hundred MEPs for an anti-Georgian, anti-sovereign resolution. It was done by you. This is a sabotage and enmity of Georgia! You represent a party of traitors, MP Khabeishvili! You and all others in the party, led by Saakashvili, are traitors!

I wish to say the main thing: our authorities, our government, our parliament, our team did their best to bring our country closer to Europe in a real sense. I wish to single out several main achievements that are great merits to Mr. Ivanishvili and the Georgian Dream. These are the EU Association Agreement and DCFTA, Free Trade Agreement, visa-free travel arrangement that they are benefiting from as well. By the way, it is not a historic entry about the European Perspective and candidacy status. Thus, my friends, if there was any jeopardy in the process, it is all related to their harmful performance starting from the process preceding the visa-free travel arrangement. David Bakradze, who used to chair the parliament and sat in this chair, was personally visiting Brussels. I am saying nothing about MP Kandelaki, who conveyed shameful accusations and blunder to our European friends. He was begging and urging them to keep away from giving visa-free travel arrangement to the country during the rule of our team of Georgian Dream in government. He wanted to punish Georgia and Georgian people. This is what you stand for! This is the evil and enmity of our country!

One of the key topics they are agitated about is de-oligarchization to be achieved in the country. They refer to the oligarchs and abstract role of oligarchs in our country. I wish to remind everyone that this topic - de-oligarchization - was indicated in the case of Ukraine and Moldova as well. In real terms, this is an issue in Ukraine more than in Georgia. We do not have a problem of this kind at all. We never had and will neither have it. One exception though: real oligarchs - and MP Ana Natsvlishvili was most joyful about it - are found in the party of MP Natsvlishvili. Her party belongs to Mamuka Khazaradze, who wanted and intended to become an oligarch and govern, run politics, government, parliament and so on. I wish to remind you all who MP Natsvlishvili is representing. Khazaradze is a businessman and banker, who failed to build the Anaklia Port because he did not spend money and has only invested 3 MLN USD as of today. I want our citizens to know how much is claimed in court disputes by Mr. Khazaradze for failing to build the Anaklia Port. Do you know? MP Natsvlishvili, do you? He claims 1.5 BLN USD as compensation. This is you. This is what your party stands for. That is why you got 1% of votes. It is one of the real, clear examples of a politician or businessman craving to become an oligarch.

Now about Mr. Kezerashvili. Who is he? Today he is a genuine oligarch, who finances all three broadcastings - Mtavari TV, Formula TV and TV Pirveli. He carries the cost of their payroll and routine operation every single month. Mr. Kezerashvili is doing that with stolen, extorted money. Why does nobody ask a question, including those 300 MEPs representing the EPP? This person used to be a Minister of Defence. General Devy Chankotadze is here and listening. He knows what I am going to say. Kezerashvili was a Minister of Defense during the war. He knows what I will say now. The entire army saw the fleeing Minister of Defense, who ran away with his convoy. Kezerashvili left the government accumulating several hundred million dollars on his account. Don't you have any questions about it, my friends? Do the somewhat European friends have no questions about it? Kubilius, Carl Bildt, Fotyga and others are invited and made to talk here. Company owned by Kezerashvili had 1 BLN USD in revenues according to the audited financial statements. Audit Opinion was published in 2013. Deloitte and Touche audited the financial statements of the company. We all saw the report. Company owned by Kezerashvili had a turnover of 1 BLN USD in 2012. Now, let me ask all of you pretending to be great supporters of European democracy and I want to address your lobbyists: how come that Minister of Defense who was poor at the appointment becomes owner of hundreds of millions of dollars? Kezerashvili is an oligarch!

Who said and where was it said that Ivanishvili is a main oligarch? It is a lie. Resolution was passed with wording drafted with your help. I want to tell the main thing to our people, over 80% of our country and our population expected a historic decision, while these ones managed to have their partner party pass an anti-Georgian, anti-sovereign resolution several weeks before and I want every citizen of the country supporting the EU integration to know this. You did it and I will keep on reminding it to you!

As for Saakashvili, he is the main oligarch together with his family. Saakashvili's maternal uncle - Temur Alasania, who handled the President and Saakashvili's mother, who is an oligarch as well. It is confirmed that she owns assets valued at 100 MLN. Giuly Alasania is confirmed to have hundreds of millions and Saakashvili is the main problem for our country! Your party is the main problem of our country and our people!

As for their main anxiety, claiming that we are instructed to de-oligarchize our country, names I listed are, of course, the problem. Main issue is Saakashvili and your party causes threats to the stability of our country. Main factor of destabilization is Saakashvili and his party, i.e. you. Saakashvili and his party are the main problem of peace and stability of our people. As for the lie shared by you, Bidzina Ivanishvili is the greatest philanthropist, the greatest benefactor that Georgians have ever known and you know it all very well, my dear friends. I wish you knew the definition of the term - oligarch. Do you know what it means, when you shout out loud here? I will tell you. I listed the names: Khazaradze, who was their partner and literally extorted money from private businesses when entrepreneurs were brought to his bank and title ownership was transferred to him to secure a loan and when appraisal of the pledged property was artificially made marginal. He is the one. Another one is Kezerashvili, who made a fortune by consuming public funds, stealing literally from the army budget. Third one is Saakashvili, who came to power with one apartment, but ended up owning hundreds of millions in assets of his family. He has no citizenship till present. Imagine a person serving as a President for 9 years and leaving the country by refusing his national passport. If it were done by any of our MPs, you would go wild. I can imagine what you would do in that case. Bidzina Ivanishvili does not need my evaluation, but I wish to remind them of this.

I wish to say briefly by responding to the allegations and blunder. They visit Europe and - as they say - create presumption. According to the information conveyed by them, Bidzina Ivanishvili is allegedly a main problem of our country. However, this man is a co-organizer and co-creator of all these achievements; he defeated and changed the maniacal, criminal system. Bidzina Ivanishvili did his immeasurable charity quietly and calmly during the rule of Saakashvili. He did it with no publicity. At least know the definition of an oligarch. Person, who did not make even a penny in Georgia and earned money in other countries with his hard work, talent to bring and spend it in our country, including during their rule on reforming the police, army, their payroll, salaries of civil servants, rehabilitation of schools, theatres, museums. All of these are associated with the name of this person. Later he came to politics, defeated you and kicked you and your criminal regime out of power. You could not stand this. Person officially left his political position, status and everything. You do not have any argument and claim that Bidzina Ivanishvili has a reputation. Excuse me, my friends. I wish to remind our as-if most constructive opposition that a lot of people returned to the Administration of President Biden from the Administration of President Obama in the United States of America. They returned to the White House and other public institutions. It is the same as claiming that President Obama has oligarchic governance and informal rule. Main argument that they have is that Ivanishvili's people are at every position. Do you imagine Saakashvili's people to be there? Which country of the world rules with opposition? Of course, we are a team created by Ivanishvili, his political descendants and this is understandable to all. Main thing is that if Bidzina Ivanishvili had not come to politics, you would have staged a second Mariupol here sacrificing the country and people, destroying and trading Georgia. Dear opponents, in contrast with you, we serve our country - Georgia. I did ask you a question and you need to provide an answer: who do you serve?

Glory to Georgia! Glory to Georgian people!"