Government of Georgia – Government Meetings 2024 Year

Executive Government Meeting Held on June 17, 2024


Irakli Kobakhidze, Prime Minister of Georgia launched the Executive Government Meeting today with high economic growth indicators, which enabled the authorities to increase the State Budget with 360 MLN GEL.

The Head of Government of Georgia noted that the surplus will be distributed among the healthcare, education, culture, defense and regional development needs.

"Economic growth reached 9% in the first four months of the year. It enables us to increase the State Budget. Respective adjustments will be made in future and 360 MLN GEL will be added to the current year. This growth will be essentially distributed among such areas as healthcare, education, culture, defense, as well as regional development. It is vital to maintain the current rate of economic growth and to accelerate it further. It will be captured in the State Budget and these indicators are a very good example of this" noted the Prime Minister of Georgia.

In addition, salaries and wages to teachers will be paid according to a new scheme from July 1 of the current year. Thus 37 000 teachers, which is 70% of the total, will have a pay rise with at least 500 GEL. Certain categories of teachers will have salaries increased by 800 GEL.

According to the Prime Minister of Georgia, reforms will be pursued in the coming 4 years in every field of general and degree education.

"It was announced sometime last year that a new scheme of remuneration for teachers will be enacted from July 1 and the average increase will be 500 GEL. There are 52 000 teachers in total at our public schools, out of which 37 000, constituting 70% of the total, will have a salary increase in the value of at least 500 GEL. A certain category of teachers will be paid 800 GEL on top of their salaries, or even more. About 25% will have a salary increase of at least 300 GEL. Every teacher will have a 200 GEL increase. It is a significant increase of remuneration, which will ultimately be positively reflected on the general education and overall quality of education in our country. Of course, it is one step among many, which should be made towards a further development of the education system and the reforms will continue in the coming 4 years. Every level of general and degree education will be among the significant directions and priorities of our reforms. In parallel, we will continue to work towards improving the career growth system, which is equally very important. There were certain drawbacks towards this end and we continue to actively work on these topics together with the Minister" stated the Prime Minister of Georgia.

The Head of Government of Georgia commented on the currently existing record-high indicators in tourism and aviation, thereby noting that the Government expects 4.5 BLN USD as proceeds from tourism this year and 7.9 million international travelers.

According to the Prime Minister of Georgia, record-high indicators were witnessed in a quarterly break-down of proceeds from tourism - 808 MLN USD, which has exceeded the pre-pandemic indicator by 40%.

"It is a record-high indicator. We hosted 1.3 million international travelers in this quarter, which is an 8% increase compared to the previous year. As for the international tourists, we have a record-high number here as well. We hosted 939 000 tourists during one quarter" added the Prime Minister of Georgia.

The Head of Government of Georgia also spoke about the current indicators of the aviation in the country, thereby noting that 13 600 flights will be made during the high season of summer, which is a historic maximum,

"Specifically, 11 air companies fly to 38 destinations in Europe, which is also a historic-high outcome. There are 50 air companies operating in Georgia this year, which is also a historic-high indicator, while there were only 23 air companies operating in 2011. Another historic maximum was witnessed in terms of passenger throughput at airports - exceeding 1.4 million. We have good trends and therefore a very good basis of optimism. We expect 4.5 BLN USD per annum as proceeds from tourism specifically, which would be a 9% improvement of the result achieved last year. We expect 7.9 million international travelers, 5.2 million international tourists, which will also be a historic-high. Very good data has been captured in tourism and aviation; and it is our aim to further improve the growth rate, of which we have excellent prospects" noted the Prime Minister of Georgia.

Irakli Kobakhidze commented on the acquisition of a unique manuscript of Ioane Zosime by Bidzina Ivanishvili at the Executive Government Meeting today. It has been transferred to the National Museum. He expressed special gratitude to Mr. Ivanishvili for the unprecedented charity.

The Head of Government of Georgia noted that the cultural heritage of the country has greatly benefited from the charities and donations by Bidzina Ivanishvili for years. Protection, maintenance of the cultural heritage, as well as the protection and maintenance of our identity has been the aims of these charities. The Prime Minister expressed a profound gratitude to Bidzina Ivanishvili.

"I wish to express gratitude to Bidzina Ivanishvili for the acquisition of a unique manuscript of Ioane Zosime and its donation to the National Museum, which is a huge gain for our country. It is a unique manuscript by Ioane Zosime, dated 979 A.D. It is a yet another extraordinary example of unprecedented charities of Bizdina Ivanishvili. He has been doing it for years already, His charities made a profound contribution to the protection and maintenance of our cultural heritage, as well as to the protection and maintenance of our identity. For all these I profoundly thank Bidzina Ivanishvili. This unique manuscript by Ioane Zosime will rest at our National Museum for centuries," noted Irakli Kobakhidze.

The Prime Minister of Georgia wished every success to the National Team of Georgia as it starts competing for the European Championship tomorrow.

"National Football Team of Georgia starts competing for the European Championship tomorrow. It is a day we all longed for and this feeling exasperated in the past three months, after gaining the entitlement of competing in European Championship and first time ever in the history of the country the Georgian flag will be raised, the Georgian anthem will be played tomorrow, at the European Championship, the highest-ranking football tournament,, and of course, it will be an incredible emotion for each of us, for each fan and for each Georgian. It is also very important that more than 10 000 Georgian fans will attend each match. We also made a modest contribution to this by subsidizing flights and we are glad that this project was very successfully implemented. €195 was the air fare, which made it easier for our fans to travel to Germany and attend the games. I wish every success to the boys, I am sure that they will play with the same dedication at the European Championship, with the same dedication they won the ticket to the European Championship. We have players to be proud of and I want to wish them victories, and most importantly, advancing from the group. We are sure that with their determination they will definitely be able to achieve this important success" concluded the Prime Minister of Georgia.

Press Service of the Government Administration